Meaning of Hippie Clothing

Hippie clothing is a distinctive style worn or made by individuals who embraced the international counter-culture movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Rejecting the mainstream American lifestyle and capitalist society, Hippies adopted a lifestyle centered around values such as altruism, mysticism, honesty, joy, and nonviolence. Although they eventually integrated into mainstream society, their influence persisted in various aspects, including music, film, literature, and fashion.

The fashion associated with Hippies had deep meaning, resonating with their core values. Characterized by long hair, beards, vibrant clothing, and psychedelic designs, Hippie clothing was often handmade, reflecting a rejection of the status quo. Natural materials like cotton, wool, and hemp were preferred, emphasizing the Hippie commitment to a lifestyle grounded in handmade and natural elements.

Kathmandu played a significant role in the Hippie movement, particularly with Freak Street near Kathmandu Durbar Square being a haven for Hippies during the 60s and 70s. Nepal, even today, remains a beloved location for Hippies, known for its hand-crafted Hippie clothing. Clothing in Nepal stands as a leading wholesaler, manufacturer, and exporter of Nepalese Hippie Printed Clothing.

Features of Hippie Clothing:

Hippie clothing was distinguished by the use of symbols representing peace, love, and equality. It reflected the Hippies’ spiritual and relaxed lifestyle. The clothing was often worn for charm during explorations, and Hippies rarely planned trips in advance, relying on the welcoming nature of fellow Hippies wherever they went. Hippies often consumed cannabis, believing it to be beneficial for spiritual development.

Hippie clothing could be personalized through various methods, including acid washing, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, patches, and embroidery. The silhouettes were loose, unstructured, and top-heavy.

Types of Hippie Clothing:

  1. Cotton Hippie Jacket: Handmade products with various designs, including patch cotton jackets, block & brush printed cotton jackets, and razor-cut cotton jackets, decorated by Nepalese artisan women.
  2. Cotton Hippie Dress: Women’s clothing with a wide range of designs, handmade by Nepalese women using handwork and machines.
  3. Men Hippie Clothing: Ranging from basic to outrageous, with features like acid washing, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, patches, embroidery, and crushes. Includes Hippie Cotton Jackets, T-shirts, Aladdin trousers, and gheri jackets.
  4. Women Hippie Clothing: Reflecting a rebellious approach with hand-working embroidery, crush, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, and beading. Includes tank tops, half sleeves, Aladdin trousers, and jackets.

Hippie Clothing for Different Seasons:

  1. Hippie Clothing in Summer: Made from cotton with attachments like acid washing, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, patches, and embroidery, providing a feeling of freedom and comfort. Includes tank tops, half sleeves, T-shirts, half trousers, and skirts.
  2. Hippie Clothing for Winter: Made with fleece for warmth, with additional features like acid washing, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, patches, and embroidery. Includes Hippie Cotton Jackets, gheri jackets, ponchos, woolen jackets, and woolen gloves.
  3. Hippie Clothing for Children: Casual and playful, influenced by adult fashion trends. Choices include rainbow jackets, Aladin trousers, and T-shirts in various designs and sizes.

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